A Review Of The Samsung PN50C490 Plasma Television

A Review Of The Samsung PN50C490 Plasma Television

Transform your television watching with a Samsung PN50C490 and get more of the visuals you are looking for with this fantastic 3D TV. 3D for many years was restricted to movie screen and IMAX theatres, but now you can get the same effect on a new Samsung PN50C490 Plasma TV set.

The Samsung PN50C490 50″ 720p Plasma 3D HDTV gives a great picture for all of your shows. The 3D version just makes watching television a little more spectacular. Gets the full effect of the sea creature coming out of the water like never before. Jump at the sound of an action packed scene that seems as if it is right there in you living room with the Samsung 3D TV way of watching television.

The Samsung PN50C490 is compatible with stylish 3D glasses like the Samsung SSG-2100AB 3D glasses. Experience Samsung PN50C490 right in your very home and enjoy your favorite movie with the 3D effect.

While this screen is not true HD (1080p), the 720p resolution is more then enough to satisfy the casual movie watcher and is fantastic for current generation video game consoles. This Samsung 3D TV is currently priced at an astonishingly low $1000 at most retailers, which makes it a greal deal if you want to try out the 3D TV technology. This TV set also has 3 HDMI ports, a USB port, support for picture in picture and a USB port.

Samsung is one of the best known brands on the market developing television technology that continues to create a stir in home entertainment. Step into a creative way of watching television. Watch great color with a picture so unique it is hard to believe this kind of quality is that affordable. There is no reason to go to the theater just to get a quality movie picture. Now you can sit at home and enjoy a picture quality that was once only available in movie venues.

On this television, your video games are better than ever. With the 600 Hz subfield motion, which provides a very fast refresh rate, the color, the clarity and the fun will be like never before.

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