Bring Forth A Weather Forecast Web App On the Go

Bring Forth A Weather Forecast Web App On the Go

There are so many channels forecasting weather, newspapers, and other bulletins predicting about today and tomorrow’s climatic conditions. But, most felt for the need of an application on the go, through which they can know about exact climate conditions of their location. While there are web apps existent for the same, most are not fulfilling the purpose. Either they are providing with too much information, which makes thing complicated or there are just fluffy small icons that do not provide enough information when clicked. A serious web app for forecasting means a free application which can make serious predictions with just one click on forecasting. Here take a look how you can create a downright web application for weather forecasting.

  • Designing: There are a bunch of designing ideas for such application. But, only go for those that are can give results with minimum clicks. While keeping the app simple is the key here, showing only temperature, rain/thunderstorm, humidity percentage, cloudy/sunny will do. However, that needs to be accurate with the location from where the user logs in.
  • Logic: The API response from the weather applications is a critical thing to look at. It needs to assured by getting the latitude and longitude of the visitor or user to fully able to provide with the climate information on the go. The easiest way of doing that was using HTML5 Geolocation API that was quite simple and straightforward. Further, the major condition for creating such application is learning how to access all the parts of returned JSON data from the API response.

While following the above means you are halfway successful in making of a proper weather forecasting app, here take a look at the core features you need to include in it.

  • Account registration: You need to put a feature for registering for an account to get the forecast. So, this will enable the application to get the location from the users one time and forecast it straightway every time they log into the application.
  • Weather news: Not just location-based predictions, but enable your app to give weather news of various other regions and countries. There are many who are in need to know about the weather conditions, any unfavourable changes of a region by sitting at some other corner of the world. So, make your app capable of fetching all weather-related news from around the world and provide them in one section of the application.
  • Forecasting by city names: Apart from weather forecasts of the real-time location, keep an option for knowing daily and tomorrow forecasts of the different cities. This will help frequent long-distant travellers, especially the business travellers to prepare themselves for their visits.
  • Miscellaneous features: There are many additional features apart from the basic features that you need to include in your web application, to make it an upright weather forecasting application. Weather maps, forecasting length (1 day, 2 days, and so on), Heat index, Dew point, Wind speed, Moon Phases, Sunrise/Sunset times, Widgets are to name a few.

Well, that was our checklist and guide for you! If it is clear to you, then wait no more. Launch your own web application for perfect weather forecasting and help people stay alert to any harsh or favourable climatic conditions on the go.

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