The Highlights of Adam Sandler’s Career

Adam Sandler, known as Sandman to his friends, didn’t always dream of working as an actor or a comedian. His father Stanley worked as an electrical engineer, and his mother Judy taught nursery school. Born on Sept. 9, 1966, in a Brooklyn hospital, the future actor only spent a few years in Brooklyn before his family decided to move. Manchester, NH, was a far cry from his former home, and the actor admits that he had trouble fitting in with his classmates.

While attending Manchester Central High School, he became the class clown. Sandler discovered that it was more fun making his classmates laugh with him instead of at him. After graduating high school, he attended New York University and started perfecting his craft at clubs around the city. In 1988, he finished classes at the Tisch School of the Arts and launched his career.

Unlike many other actors, who struggle in their early days, it didn’t take long for Sandler to find success. While still in college, he landed a major role on “The Cosby Show,” playing the best friend of one of the characters. After graduating college, he landed a role on “Remote Control.” The show, which aired on MTV, gave him the chance to perfect some of his humorous characters. Despite landing several roles, his big break came a few years later. Dennis Miller saw Sandler perform and recommended that Lorne Michaels watch his act.

Michaels was so impressed by his talent that he gave him a … Continue Reading ...

Covid-19 Crisis Highlights Problems With Over Regulation

Most people who get a paycheck, who don’t own a small business simply do not understand the tremendous hardship that businesses have with over regulation. However, Americans are now getting a taste of what they’ve been missing and are now learning just how bad overreaching regulation can be. Most of us understand that when a restaurant is limited to a certain number of seats let’s say 25% capacity, that they won’t make as much money, and may not turn a profit. Therefore, they will have to lay off employees or go out of business.

Still, how many times have we asked ourselves which regulations we already had in place before the Covid-19 crisis which were stifling, smothering, and quelling the profits of our small business community? There are an endless number of regulations that each and every small business in America has to deal with. Then there are class-action lawsuits, employment lawsuits, and contract lawsuits. Many of these lawsuits are enabled because of regulations on the books, regulations that perhaps the small business person didn’t even know about.

Since the Covid-19 crisis began, we’ve noticed businesses such as Gyms, hair salons, and restaurants literally going through hell just to stay open, trying to satisfy their local County health commissioner’s new regulations. Businesses have had to do take-out orders only, require every employee wear a mask, and put up Plexiglas so employees do not breathe in tiny airborne water droplets which may have the Covid-19 virus on them coming from patrons.… Continue Reading ...

Solar Power Garden Lights – Enjoy Your Garden at Night

Solar power garden lights will transform your garden into a stunning outdoor space that you can enjoy at night as well as during the day. Solar power lights are easy to install since they have no wires. You can create unique walkways, small meditative areas, or use them to highlight a feature in the garden like a trellis or fountain. They cost very little to maintain so you can use as many as you like to create the garden of your dreams.

Here are some ideas from professional landscape designers to inspire you to create your own dream garden

Use solar step lights to provide soft background lighting

These are small and emit a soft white light. You can place these lights near a particular plant or tree to highlight it, or you can use them in groups to light the whole garden area softly. A semi-circle of them around a fountain will put focus on the fountain without the light being overpowering.

Or you can place them along the banks of a natural stream to shine on the water and to make it safe to walk near the water in the dark. If you want to sit and read in your garden at night soft step lights around your favorite chair will give you enough glow to read by without being blinding. They can be very versatile for decorating.

Create your own garden paths

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Highlight Of A Few Cross Pendants For Men

Nowadays, significantly more individuals are wearing necklaces. Tribal pendants, silver cross pendants, horoscope pendants and countless others seem to be making a return and offer not just originality to the person, but will represent a belief or unique memory just the same.

From all the different types of pendants around, the crucifix pendants are becoming the most popular. The silver cross pendant for men will not only provide a less expensive option for the diamonds or gold, but can look equally nice and when properly kept will maintain their luster and shine for a long time. These long-lasting pendants are generally more affordable as well.

The following are a few of the most popular styles on the market:

Tribal: These crosses are often unique in style and place more emphasis on working the designs round the cross rather than trying to depict religious belief. However they are still useful for religious ideals, but much more for dressing purpose.

Celtic Cross: This is a Irish-based cross which is one of the most desired kinds of silver cross pendants available. Whilst many individuals buy this kind of pendant for spiritual purposes, most think that the Celtic cross will be suggestive of the human desire to understand and know about the mysteries of life. There are four parts on this cross and they represent ways of expressing self, god, nature and wisdom.

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Canary Islands – Challenges and Highlights of Sailing the Atlantic

What are the general characteristics of a sailboat charter in the Canary Islands?

The Canary Islands form an archipelago of seven main islands and six islets. They are an autonomous region of Spain with two provinces: Las Palmas and Santa Cruz de Tenerife with the capitals Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

The Canaries enjoy mild climate all year round. The beaches are lovely. There are impressive natural attractions like the dunes of Maspalomas on Gran Canaria and Mount Teide on Tenerife which is the world´s third largest volcano measured from its base on the ocean floor. The landscapes are very varied depending on the geographical location. You can find volcanoes, mountains, high dunes, pine forests, laurel forests, jungle, desert, banana plantations, orchards, vineyards and much more.

The marine wildlife is stunning. You can spot whales, dolphins, logger head turtles, porpoises, etc. Also on land there is abundant and very special flora and fauna.

The Canary Islands have a very good traffic network. All islands have an airport, the largest being Gran Canaria Airport. Tenerife even has two, one in the South and one in the North. The main ports are Las Palmas on Gran Canaria, Port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Port of Los Christianos in southern Tenerife. Good roads enable you to go for land excursions and there are also ferries and fast ferries linking the islands together.

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Annual Reports – Five Keys to Creating an Annual Report For Your Nonprofit

At the start of my second year as an executive director of a housing nonprofit, I thought I had prepared well for my first annual meeting until the day of the event when I realized that we had not produced an annual report as required in our by-laws. Since this happened thirty years ago, before most nonprofits had computers, you can only imagine the work my secretary and I put into producing the basic report we needed for that evening. We met the by-law requirement but certainly didn’t produce something that showcased our organization.

Fast forward three decades…you have a good computer and printer in your office, a staff member who writes well, and the wisdom to give yourself enough time to create an annual report that will serve as both a marketing and a fundraising tool in the coming year. Unless you have abundant resources in the bank or a marketing firm that will donate their services, it is likely that you will create your report in-house. Follow these guidelines to ensure that your report will end up being “read and spread” rather than in the wastebasket.

1. Determine the message you want the report to convey.

You can do this by focusing on a specific program that has had dramatic results this year. You can also focus on your mission and highlight a few things you have done that clearly resonate with that mission. In addition, you can highlight the people you serve with various programs or the … Continue Reading ...