Daily Success – 3 Reasons Why It Is Important To Write Down Your Successes

Daily Success – 3 Reasons Why It Is Important To Write Down Your Successes

Most people do not realize how important it is to keep a log or journal about the things they accomplish on a daily basis. Most people feel that a success has to be something big or hard to do. So they go through their daily routines and bypass the opportunity to pat themselves on the back for the things they not only do accomplish but where those accomplishments have taken them on their personal journey. There are three specific reasons why it is so important to write down the things we accomplish daily.

First Reason is that it brings to our attention that we do have successes on a daily basis that come in all different sizes. We begin to look for things that normally go unnoticed and unrecognized. If we do not realize that some things are successes, after a while those things we did not acknowledge are forgotten. Who knows where that little pat on the back could have taken us.

Second Reason is that it encourages us to look for accomplishments, no matter how big or small and appreciate the steps forward we take even when we do not realize that we take them. Those steps then become milestones we can look back on to see how far we have come in our journey.

Third Reason is that it develops habits of success. We do more because we are more aware and we become more in the process. Our confidence level begins to grow and before we know it we are doing, being and going more than we had dreamed in the beginning. We become more accountable to ourselves and can make alterations in our plans and direction if we can see and are aware of where we have come from.

There are many more reasons for keeping track of the successes that occur in our everyday lives. But the most important step is to just get started. Another very important reason is that by having a written record of your successes, you can share them with others. You never know when someone might need or grow for an experience you have had and shared along the way. Who know how many lives you may touch, including your own by taking ownership to the progress you make in your daily lives.

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