Hot Weather Safety Tips For Your Dog

Hot Weather Safety Tips For Your Dog

Hot weather can be dangerous for your dog if you don’t protect him from it. A dog should never be left out in the heat without some sort of shade or shelter to cool off in. In fact when the temperatures go extremely high it is good to let your pooch into the basement at least if he is not a house dog. Below are some more hot weather tips for your dog.

Even though you always need to make sure your dog has water available for drinking, this goes double for hot weather. Always have plenty of water along if you are out and about with your dog in the heat. This way he can have a drink when needed. There are portable water units sold to day to make giving your dog a drink easily.

You should not leave your dog in a closed up camper with no ventilation while you go off for the day in the summer. Even if your camper has electricity hooked to it and an air conditioning running, it is still unwise to leave your pooch alone in it. The electricity could go off and then the camper becomes a very hot box! Your dog could actually die, it has happened.

As with the camper do not leave your dog alone in the hot car while you go shopping. Dogs can get heat strokes just as humans do. Just as children have died in hot cars dogs can too.

Do not overtire your dog in hot weather too. Exercise him in the cool of the day instead of the hottest part of the day. This is a great way to keep the dog safe from heat exhaustion. You may even exercise the dog more often during the summer months for short periods of time instead of one long exercise period. Again, make sure the dog has plenty of water to drink before and after exercising.

If you are taking your dog to outdoor events make sure he is on a leash. Some areas have laws on this anyway. But this will keep the dog from getting over excited and possibly getting into mischief. Getting overly excited can also lead the dog to getting too hot and exhausted.

Aside from protecting your dog from the heat make sure they have flea and tick protection. Since you will be out more in nature in the hot months, your dog is more likely to encounter ticks and fleas. There are many convenient methods for this type of prevention available today.

Follow these tips and your dog will stay safe no matter how hot it gets this summer. Remember your pooch is part of your family and should be cared for as such. You want you dog to be healthy for years to come. This will only happen if he gets the kind of care and attention needed. Enjoy your precious pet and the nice warmth of the summer heat but do it safely.

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