Positive Daily Affirmations

Positive Daily Affirmations

Having positive daily affirmations in your life can only help you in whatever you want to achieve with your life. It has long been believed that repeatedly affirming quotes that are relevant to what you wish to achieve can enhance change. Some use affirmations to help them lose weight while others use positive affirmation to bring prosperity into their lives.

How this is believed to happen is reportedly due to the sub conscious mind being told what to believe. The sub conscious mind does not reason or any free will, it will believe whatever you tell it to if you say it often enough. There are documented reports that show that criminals who recite their defense posture often enough actually believe it is true after a period of time, even when it is proven later that it is completely false the criminals still believe in their own version and cannot be disuaded form that belief, of course if they were repeatedly given daily affirmations to the effect of their guilt over a period of time they would also start to believe they were guilty.

This ability to control the sub conscious can be used by us all to improve our beliefs about ourselves. If through childhood abuse or trauma we have beliefs that are un productive then if we decide we want to change them, we can.
If you were told as a child you were dumb and stupid often enough you would actually believe you are because of the daily affirmation coming from your parents even though you actually are no less intelligent than the other people your age.

The structure of the positive daily affirmation is important as we can waste our time if it is not constructed in the right way. For example, telling yourself that you do not want something in your life is not a correct affirmation, what you should be saying what you actually want in your life not what you don’t want. As you can see there are small differences that can make a huge difference to the outcome.

Our advice would be for anyone considering using positive daily affirmations to change their thinking to seek experts in this field and use their experience to your advantage.

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