Remarks by President Biden and Primary Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi of the Republic of Iraq In advance of Bilateral Assembly

Oval Business office 2:20 P.M. EDT PRESIDENT BIDEN:  Nicely, I’m honored to welcome the Prime Minister. 

Oval Business office

2:20 P.M. EDT
PRESIDENT BIDEN:  Nicely, I’m honored to welcome the Prime Minister.  We have known just about every other for some time.  And welcome to the White Property, welcome to the Oval, Mr. Key Minister. 
Iraq has been a crucial portion for the — husband or wife of the United States for some time now in the Middle East.  And we’ve en- — I’ve engaged deeply in Iraq for my total career back again in the Senate, as Vice President, and as President.  And I have worked with Iraq to — and subject of actuality, my son Beau was in Iraq for a yr with the Am- — with the Military Nationwide Guard. 
And the sacrifices that so several — so quite a few have produced to make the U.S.-Iraq partnership has been genuine, and it’s consequential.  And my administration is dedicated to strengthening that partnership, Mr. Prime Minister.
And the U.S-Iraqi Strategic Dialogue is about commitments that grow our cooperation on issues like health care, local climate, electricity.  For — make a difference of simple fact, I needed to tell you: I was informed you — the 50 % a million — 500,000 — doses of COVID vaccine we’re sending — I was explained to you were explained to they would not occur for a even though.  They’ll be there in a pair of weeks.
Primary MINISTER AL-KADHIMI:  Thank you.
PRESIDENT BIDEN:  They’ll be there swiftly.  And — and, you know, we support strengthening Iraq’s democracy, and we’re anxious to make positive the election goes forward in October.  And we’re also committed to our security cooperation.  Our shared combat from ISIS is significant for the stability of the area.  And our counterterrorism cooperation will go on, even as we change to this new phase we’re likely to be talking about.
I’m searching ahead to consulting with the Primary Minister today.  We have a lot to chat about.  He’s been a very good buddy.  And I’m anxious to get heading.
Ground is yours, sir.
Prime MINISTER AL-KADHIMI:  Thank you, Mr. President.  It’s a excellent honor to be here now with our American mates.  We have strategic partnership.  I’m pleased to be right here in Washington to discuss the future of our nation and how to strengthen this relation between our two nations around the world.
The usa, they enable Iraq.  Together we fight to defeat Daesh — ISIS.  And I’d like to thank the American men and women on behalf of all Iraq’s people today.
Mr. President, I thank you for all the blood and treasure that America has provided for a totally free and democratic Iraq.
Today, our relation is more robust than at any time.  Our partnership exists for economic system, the setting, health and fitness, instruction, society, and a lot more.
I’m wanting forward to operate with you, Mr. President, to bring our two nations extra nearer for benefit of Iraq and United States.
God bless our two international locations.  Thank you, Mr. President.
PRESIDENT BIDEN:  Thank you.  Thank you, people.
(Cross-speak by reporters.)
PRESIDENT BIDEN:  Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa.  Whoa.  Hang on a second.  If you want to discuss about Iraq, check with me a dilemma about Iraq.
Q    How numerous troops would you like to see in Iraq by the finish of this calendar year?  And how does the romantic relationship alterations, considering this is the final strategic dialogue that you have with Iraq and the Primary Minister?
PRESIDENT BIDEN:  This most new dialogue you necessarily mean.
Q    Accurate.
PRESIDENT BIDEN:  Perfectly, we have been conversing a good deal.  Our overseas ministers, our Cabinet customers have been talking.  We’re looking ahead to viewing an election in October.  We’re doing the job pretty challenging with the Iraqi governing administration to make confident the U.N. and the GCC are — we have oversight that there’s — these are comprehensive and good elections.
I’ve been in — I have been in get in touch with with Kadhimi.  I have — anyway, I feel things are likely properly.  Our purpose in Iraq will be as a — working with not — it is just to be offered, to go on to practice, to guide, to enable, and to deal with ISIS as it — as it comes.  But we’re not likely to be, by the conclude of the year, in a combat mission.
Q    Mr. President, Veterans Affairs.  Mr. President, Veterans Affairs is heading to have a mandate for its healthcare —
PRESIDENT BIDEN:  You are these types of a discomfort in the neck, but I’m heading to solution your issue because we’ve acknowledged each individual other for so prolonged. It has nothing at all to do with Iraq.
Q    I just take that as a compliment, Mr. President.
PRESIDENT BIDEN:  (Laughs.)  I’ll answer your query.  Yes, Veteran Affairs is heading to, in point, require that all docs operating in facilities are going to have to be vaccinated.
2:26 P.M. EDT