Roofs Damaged by Animals – It Is Not Just the Weather That Causes Damage to Roofs

Roofs Damaged by Animals – It Is Not Just the Weather That Causes Damage to Roofs

Everyone knows that weather damages roofing, but have you ever thought about the roof destruction caused by animals? Animals like squirrels, raccoons, birds, rats, bats, and other small creatures can cause enormous amounts of harm.

Squirrels will chew through anything! Things like wood, aluminum, electrical wires, shingles, vents, and insulation. Many times, squirrels will chew through shingles and use insulation, drywall, wood, and more to build nests in roofs and attics. These nests can extend several feet, and large amounts of dry nesting combined with the squirrels’ wiring chewing causes an extreme fire hazard. Also, squirrels attract ticks and fleas which begin to accumulate in their nests and move on to people and pets in the home. To get rid of squirrels, it is not as simple as removing adult squirrels and patching up holes. They will only come back and tear through the holes again, especially if they have young in their nests. You have to remove the nests, adult squirrels, baby squirrels, and completely seal the building to prevent entry again.

Birds are famous for nesting in any place they can find. Their homes can be built in roof vents, chimneys, soffits, and in roofs. Nests that are built in, on, and around roofs cause fire hazards. Nests that are thick and extend in places like vents or chimneys can be very dangerous because they can block correct flow of oxygen and carbon monoxide can build up. Bird droppings can also be unsafe. Droppings are acidic and will eat through painted surfaces, and they can be harmful if too much is inhaled. When getting rid of birds, be sure to remove all nesting.

Raccoons easily destroy shingles, fascia boards, and wood sheeting to gain entry to roofs. They also enter chimneys (which chimney caps can prevent). Raccoons will chew plenty of electrical wiring, causing dangerous fire hazards. After tearing up roofing, raccoons will make homes or dens in attics which is a very big nuisance to homeowners because they are nocturnal and make much noise at night. Fur and feces will cause a strong odor to form in the attic, especially at the entrance of the den. To get rid of raccoons, all of the animals must be removed from the roof and attic because if there are young left behind after repairs are made, mother raccoons will tear through the same spots to get to the nest. Raccoon damage in residential areas is very common.

Many animals are capable of doing damage to roofs and buildings, and for some animals it is extremely common. If you notice spots of destruction or entry in your roof, rid your home of these animals, and hire a roof repair service to make sure repairs are completed properly and that it won’t happen again.

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