Storm Peaks Guide – How to Finish 25 Daily Quests in Record Time

Storm Peaks Guide – How to Finish 25 Daily Quests in Record Time

Everyone knows that the main advantages to doing and finishing the daily quests in Northrend, are making gold and earning reputation. By doing the 25 daily quests you can not only build up your reputation among the various factions but also earn a lot of gold. Most gamers find this difficult to do because doing dailies for the most part can become very tiresome and boring. However if you learn to do the 25 daily quests fast and efficiently then the potential to earn a lot of gold really jumps through the roof.

This Storm Peaks Guide is written to help you do just that. So hopefully by the end of the article you’ll be well on your way to being a pro at doing the dailies. I’ll also include a few Icecrown tips along the way.

1. Head over to the Storm Peaks, Sons of Hodir Place. Once there grab all the quests you can and head west to Jormungar. Power through all the quests in this cave as fast as you can. It’s fairly easy to do, and if you need help then either use a questing addon aid or alt tab out to thotbot.

2. Go West and Grab the Barbarian daily Quest. This is a nice fast and easy quest, you can either jump in the pit and take on the challengers or use your bear and wipe out all the barbarians its your choice, but either way, this is a nice quest.

3. Finish up the Rest of the Storm Peaks Dailies. By following this route explained above you should be well on your way to finishing up the 12 quests in Storm Peaks.

4. Fly to Crusaders Pinnacle. Now it’s time to break into some of the Icecrown dailies. Go to Skybreaker and once again grab all the quests you can then fly over to Vyrkul and snag the two dailies that are found there.

Now you will need to escort the captains and kill the vyrkul but this isn’t hard to do for most classes so once you reach the village take out any remaining vyrkul and your don that quest. Now just head into the Mine and Save the Saronite Miners.

5. Head out of the Cave and Jump into the Aircraft. This part is easy and all you have to do is drop 2 soldiers and rinse and repeat, until both quests are done.

Hopefully if you followed this mini Storm Peaks guide you should be well on your way to learning how to finish the 25 daily Storm Peaks Quests in record time.

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