Strategic Ways To Manage Daily Criticisms Without Getting Stressed Out

Strategic Ways To Manage Daily Criticisms Without Getting Stressed Out

Refuse to take each criticism or disagreement with others as personal attack on your integrity, productivity or reliability. Remember that criticism merely reflects another person’s personality, perspective and world view. Be prepared for resistance. Don’t expect that when you make a decision that everyone will jump on board. Even after you have decided on how to move forward with your life in terms of health, relationships and finance, you will still have people close to you letting you know that they don’t agree with you.

How can you deal with this challenge? You have to be strategic. How you respond to those who disagree with you depends on how much clarity have in terms of the problem or situation at hand. If you do things different from what others expect, they won’t be happy with you. You have to keep this in mind the opinions and thoughts of others can have a lot of impact on your self-esteem, confidence and the quality of your relationships. Criticism can lead to conflict if poorly managed.

With time, experience and research, you will realize that the problem is not so much being criticized but how to manage criticism. We have to begin this process by admitting that our feelings change when others correct us, disagree with us or point out what they consider to be our faults or short comings. This is another way of saying that our emotions or feelings get disrupted when others criticize us.

How we perceive interventions or criticisms from others can determine whether we feel we are being unfairly attacked or we are being supported lovingly. Criticism is one of those of annoying daily irritants that we all have to with. It is also one of those inside or outside adverse effects that can disrupt your sense of well-being or balance and become a recurring daily stressor or trigger for stress, unless you master the strategic thinking and develop the problem solving skills that will help you to manage it.
Instead of trying to completely figure out how you can get everyone to agree with you, concentrate on identifying your problems or the recurring tendencies that are preventing you from developing effective self-mastery. Once you identify your problem, develop practical solutions that you can execute. Don’t waste your time developing a plan which you know, you don’t the means to execute. By changing how you think about a situation you change your emotional response to the situation.

Consider daily criticisms like the weeds in your garden. You have to pull them out and make your garden beautiful. When you look at your daily life as a garden, you have to realize that to maintain its beauty and integrity, you have to be motivated by the flowers and fruits that your garden can bear. Criticisms can disrupt your sense of self and stress you out.

To eliminate and manage stress in your life, you have to be prepared take effective action in your daily life. You have to start your day with main goals you have to achieve but be prepared to make adjustments as you move through the day. Don’t let those who see only your uncompleted projects and faults, discourage you from believing in yourself and consistently striving to become the best version of yourself every day. Don’t let criticisms stop you from living the creative- stress-free life, that is within your reach.

You have to develop the positive self-talk that will help you to build the positive energy and confidence, you need to counter the negative energy that you can experience as a result of daily criticisms. Through positive self-talk and your refusal to take criticisms personal, you can focus on your well being and relentless improvement and leave endless fault-finding behind. Crickets! This is part of your process of self- mastery.

If you do not do this, daily stress will become chronic stress that manifests as loss of concentration, recurrent anxiety, loss of self-confidence, lack of trust in yourself and in your relationships. Poorly managed daily criticisms can contribute to medical problems like high blood pressure, asthma, and heart attack.

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