Meghan McCain swipes Biden’s ‘shameful’ Afghanistan withdrawal

Former The Look at co-host Meghan McCain explained President Joe Biden’s managing of the U.S. army withdrawal from Afghanistan as “embarrassing” and “shameful” as the Taliban’s forces proceed to attain again missing territory and are nearing in on its cash town, Kabul.

“This is an definitely shameful instant for our nation. Disgrace on this administration. God be with our allies and the women of all ages and kids in Afghanistan,” McCain stated in a Friday night tweet, joining in the chorus of Republican criticisms.

In a collection of tweets, McCain agreed that the United States must depart the war-torn place but specially condemned Biden’s failure to safe the translators, girls, and little ones who have aided aid the U.S. existence in the place “for 20 a long time.”


“Even if you thought leaving Afghanistan was the correct selection -this is a reckless, unsafe, blundering, and uncomfortable withdrawal,” she extra in a different tweet. “We left our translators, women, little ones, individuals who assisted us for 20 several years to be slaughtered & our president just named a lid until finally Wednesday.”

(The president is in Camp David and is not using push activities.)

McCain also explained her father, previous Republican presidential nominee John McCain, who died in 2018, would be “raging” if he ended up alive to see the existing problem.

Democrats like to wax poetic a whole lot about what my father would have completed

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Meghan McCain torches Biden’s administrators by welcoming “ISIS 3.” in Afghanistan’s withdrawal: “unquestionably shameful”

Previous “View” co-host Meghan McCain wept above the turbulent U.S. army withdrawal from Afghanistan on Friday as the Taliban continued to obtain extra position in the war-torn place. Drop.

Stories that the funds, Kabul, could slide into a terrorist group at any time caused a stress in Washington in a hurry of 3,000 troops to aid the US Department of Protection evacuate Us citizens from the US embassy.

McCain swiped President Biden to burn up a navy withdrawal and the turmoil prompted on the ground.

SEN. Senate’s first feminine beat veterinarian, Joni Ernst, laments the collapse of Afghanistan: “It’s all in President Biden.”

“Even if you believe leaving Afghanistan is the proper conclusion, it is a reckless, harmful, blunder, and uncomfortable withdrawal,” McCain commenced in a collection of tweets. “We remaining to slaughter translators, ladies, young children, those who served us for 20 a long time, and our president just named the lid until eventually Wednesday.”

McCain then claimed to summon his father, the late Senator John McCain, to rage at the Biden administration’s conclusion to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.

“Democrats like to poetically speak about what my father did (most of the time reinventing a odd fantasy about who he is). In Afghanistan. Biden about this withdrawal. I’m angry, “McCain wrote.

Pompeo: Biden unsuccessful

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