Breaking Down Two Prospects Cubs Got from Yankees in Anthony Rizzo Trade

You have had time to method the news. You have vented on Twitter. You yelled at the photo of Jed Hoyer hanging in your residing space. But now it is time to just take a seem at the two newest users of the Cubs corporation who came back as a part of the Anthony Rizzo trade on Thursday.

I’ll preface by saying that it will be an uphill fight by default many thanks to the pressure becoming placed on these guys due to the fact of a situation wholly out of their handle. To be the return for the Cubs captain and virtually each fan’s favourite participant isn’t uncomplicated.

With that being mentioned, there is a lot of promise in the potential for both of those Alexander Vizcaino and Kevin Alcantara. Let us dig in…

Alexander Vizcaino

The 6-foot-2 correct-handed pitcher is about as substantial-upside as you can get from a 24-yr-aged in Substantial-A. Immediately after signing as an (aged?) international no cost agent at 19, Vizcaino actually broke out in 2019 with a fastball that went from earlier sitting down in just the reduced-90s all the way up to touching triple-digits.

In spite of not throwing higher than A-ball in his occupation, the Yankees invited him to the alternate web site to create and operate on his supply. By now equipped with that warmth and an elite-stage changeup with a good deal of arm-side operate, the corporation wished him to operate on his slider and employed a adjust

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