The sustainability of packaging!

The sustainability of packaging!

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The sustainability of packaging!
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These days companies in general try to make everything they produce and sell more sustainable. The reason they do this is because of the climate changes that have been going on for way too long, and are slowly becoming worse and worse. There are a lot of different things going on to try and switch this up, and go against climate change. Some of these are more for the animals, things for animals are cleaning out the ocean, no longer testing on animals, slaughtering less animals for food and such. But also the use of less plastic and more sustainable and biodegradable products is becoming more and more. What are some things that have changed in the past few years?


When you look at the way supermarkets have been trying to change the packaging and waste of products, you might not notice a lot of change. The changes are slowly slowly working their way into the aisles. Coloured plastic has mostly been changed to regular see through plastic which is more useful in the recycle process. Some things are now packed in carton or recyclable materials, and we can now turn in small plastic bottles as well to get back the small deposit we do when we buy them. These are such great ways to take care of the problem, let’s hope it’ll only progress more and more over the next few years!


Drugstores now often sell things with a carton or paper packaging instead of wrapping them in plastic or using extra plastic without necessity. These materials are easily recyclable and compostable, which make them easier to throw away but also more sustainable than plastic. Still one of the most sustainable materials a drugstore often uses for their products is glass packaging. It can be foundation in a glass bottle or your favorite hair oil in one of those dropper bottles you often see. You can even buy these for yourself at an apothecary jars wholesale, or maybe even at your local drugstore. They’re used for many things, and they’re of course reusable.


You might be someone who already does this and if you do, amazing. Thrift shopping, selling old clothes and getting them from people who have also used them. It’s a sustainable way of buying clothes, way better for the environment and most of the time it could be cheaper. Also using your clothes for a long time and not buying new clothing too often is a good thing to try out. This is also more sustainable and reusing things is always a good choice.

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