Tucson could ban me, but I don’t like Eegee’s eating places. Here’s why

Table of Contents Let’s be actual: Eegee’s charm is in the beverages, not the food itemsThat stated,

In Tucson, everybody has an Eegee’s memory.

For me there were the scorching summer afternoons waiting in the drive-through for a Styrofoam cup of watermelon ice. Sharing a tub of ranch fries with a close friend, attempting not to consume all of them myself. And on the flipside, having a difficult day and halting in the parking lot to cry, and then driving away devoid of even ordering everything.

In The Old Pueblo there’s always an Eegee’s about to decide on you up. The sandwich chain is in practically every single community at this level, with more than 25 places scattered in the course of Arizona’s 2nd major town. Over the earlier 50 years this locally started manufacturer has develop into synonymous with Tucson, a image of the city’s vintage treasures and its raging heat. To criticize Eegee’s is to criticize Tucson alone.