Winter Bass Fishing – 3 Effective Cold Weather Bass Fishing Lures

Winter Bass Fishing – 3 Effective Cold Weather Bass Fishing Lures

As winter bears down on us like a runaway freight train the serious bass angler is going to have no choice but to engage in a little bit of winter bass fishing. In this article I will discuss 3 effective cold weather bass lures that are effective in the winter months. It’s no secret that the winter months are some of the toughest times of the year for catching bass. When the water temperatures fall below fifty degrees the fishing can become extremely difficult.

One of the big things to remember during winter months is that bass will move into deeper water. They tend to like deep water structure near shallow flats when they can find them. This way in the afternoon (once the sun has had a chance to warm the water in the flat a bit) they can move into said flats to feed on bait fish. Fishing for these bass is a great winter fishing strategy.

Another key thing to remember when fishing during cold weather months is strikes will be much lighter than when water temperatures are higher. Lighter line and rods with more sensitivity are very important during the cold weather months. With that being said, let’s get down to business, shall we?

  1. Jigging Spoons – Jigging spoons jigged over deepwater structure during the winter months is a great winter bass fishing tactic. Use your depth finder to locate bass hanging around deep water structure and you’ll be good to go. Remember, bass like to strike the spoon as it drops, so make sure to watch your line. Jigging spoons are a great winter bass fishing bait,
  2. Crank Baits – Shallow water brush and rocks will produce bass, but keep in mind that you won’t get many strikes. Bass are much more sluggish at this time of year and feed much less often. A key during any winter bass fishing excursion is to use a crank bait that’s as realistic as possible. The more realistic you bass bait is, the more apt the bass will be to eat it, especially during the winter when they don’t feel much like eating anyway.
  3. Plastic Worm – A plastic worm worked slowly can be an effective winter bass fishing technique. You want to work the areas that you’re fishing very thoroughly in the winter. Many times not moving your worm and simply “jiggling” your rod tips will trigger a strike. Using a bass attracting spray is also a great idea during the winter months.

The bottom line is that although the bass are much less active during the winter months, it doesn’t mean that winter bass fishing can’t be effective. When fishing for bass during the winter months, these 3 bass fishing lures should definitely be a part of your bass fishing repertoire.

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