Who Is Jesus Christ For Us Today? Book Summary

In his book, Who Is Jesus Christ For Us Today, James Cone Ph.D., answers this question taking into consideration the dynamic interplay between social context, Scripture, and tradition from a Black perspective.

By the “social context,” Cone refers to the encounter of Jesus Christ in our ordinary everyday existence. It is the experience of Christ in the social world of injustice and oppression: a world of top-dog and underdog. It is the experience of Jesus in the midst of life’s absurdities that motivates one toward exploration of the Christological question, “Who is Jesus Christ for us today?

Cone cautions against assuming however, that the meaning of Christ is derived from or dependent upon our social context. He insists that the Scriptures must also be incorporated into our total understanding of the truth of Jesus Christ. He feels that this is vital because it provides us with reliable data about the Jesus Christ we encounter in our social existence.

Tradition, Cone declares, is “the bridge that connects Scripture with our contemporary situation.” He sees the Black religious tradition as representative of the Black Church’s affirmation of their humanity as well as affirmation of their faith at various junctions in history. This, he believes, provides the Black Church of today with a deeper understanding of the truth of Jesus Christ.

According to Cone then, social context, Scripture and tradition form the theological presuppositions upon which an investigation into the meaning of Christ should begin.

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Does the Woman Being on Top During Intercourse Produce a Boy Baby? That Depends – Here’s Why

I was recently asked this question and the person asking this had already attempted to conceive using this method. She wanted to produce a boy baby and was wondering if her attempt (and the positioning that she used) made this more or less likely. I will explain why the woman being on top during intercourse can sometimes work either way (especially since I didn’t know any of the other variables at play) in the following article.

How Intercourse Positions Are One Thing That Can Influence Baby Gender. (And How The Woman Being On Top Fits Into This Equation:) The person who wrote the email only told me one of the techniques that she used in her quest to get a son. All I knew was the sexual position that she had used. She was right that this could affect baby gender. But, this is only one out of three variables.

However in terms of sexual positioning, there are really two things to consider. You want to consider the depth of the penetration and also whether or not the woman has an orgasm. If you want a boy baby, your goal should be deeper penetration or closer proximity to the cervix. This is because the sperm that produces male babies is weaker and doesn’t survive as long. So in terms of helping the odds along, deeper penetration does help.

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Boot Camp: Character Discovered Daily

Your fellow veterans get it. Unfortunately, your loved ones, who never shared the experience, just don’t understand boot camp. What happened there? Why have you changed? The following was documented to help you start that conversation. They will never really know. Maybe they can at least understand.

“The content of one’s character” is a phrase we hear often. We each have character; some just have more content than others. Or, so we are led to believe. How do we know how much content of character we have? At what point do we reach our bottom? How do we react when we stare into that abyss? These are the questions basic military training, known affectionately as ‘boot camp’, allows each one of us to answer for ourselves.

During the summer of 1989, I had the distinct pleasure of serving as a Cadet Training Officer for Air Force ROTC at Dover AFB, DE. This was a six-week encampment designed to both mold college students into leaders of American warriors and to weed out those unable to meet stringent USAF officer requirements. Along with the rest of the staff, I reported a week early for mission review and plan development.

Just hours before the cadets would arrive at daybreak, my true mission was completely revealed. After spending the evening together as a staff for R&R, I looked around the room only to realize that I was left alone with the Commandant of Cadets, a Lieutenant Colonel of impeccable credentials. He asked me to … Continue Reading ...

Why Parenting Classes Are Valuable For Today’s Parents

Is it accurate to say that you are right now expecting your first youngster and you don’t have the scarcest thought of what it really takes to administer to them legitimately once they arrive? All things considered, there’s no compelling reason to frenzy or feel vulnerable. One of the best things you can do is take child rearing classes. This may appear as if proper for individuals who already have kids. Notwithstanding, there are a few reasons why it’s additionally a decent thought for you to select also.

The early stages would appear to be the most troublesome time for unseasoned parents. That is because the child is so delicate and touchy. Thusly, their parents must be additionally watchful about what they are presented. Realizing what to do and what not to improve can help you to equip yourself to deal with your new dear baby. This will help you to decrease unnecessary slip-ups that could possibly hurt your child.

An alternate reason that child rearing classes are so valuable is that they can really help equip you rationally for what lies ahead. Since it will be your first time having a child, there may be some things that you aren’t mindful of. In the event that there is nobody in your life to let you know what’s in store amid the first couple of weeks or months, you could be in for an enormous shock. This could make things more troublesome for you and you would be compelled to … Continue Reading ...

How To Prevent Acne In Humid Weather

One of the leading causes of acne and other skin diseases. Acne affects more than 75% of teenagers and many adults as well. Most adults suffer from emotional trauma because of the scars that were left behind by the acne in their teenage years.

There are some areas, which are famous for its humid weather, and are worried about getting acne, then you can choose different skin care and lifestyle changes that may help you to keep pimples away.

  • Wash Your Face After Perspiring

You must make a habit of washing your skin after you sweat, especially after exposure to hot and muggy conditions. This evacuates the oil and dirt particles that may have amassed on your sweat-soaked skin. Wash with an alcohol free, non-abrasive skin wash and flush it away with warm water. A bit of warm water helps to open your pores, but you need to stay away from too hot water as it might strip the moisture from your skin.

  • Expel the Oil

Hot and moist natural conditions are known for acting as a catalyst in the production of oil in your skin’s pores, which thusly can intensify skin conditions and incite acne. You can prevent the excess amount of oil by simply using salicylic corrosive or benzoyl peroxide, two regular fixings in prescribed anti acne medications. Both of these chemicals are known for helping in natural dry up of the oil caused by the dampness, while additionally treating the real acne causing bacteria from the skin.… Continue Reading ...

Causes of Cold Weather Back Pain

Whether you have chronic back pain or pain that comes and goes, you may notice that the pain is worse in cold weather. While an exact causal link between increased pain and cold weather has not been found by the scientific community, the fact of this connection is certain. Cold weather back pain is common among people with arthritis, but it can also occur due to increased muscle tension.

Muscle Tension

When we open our doors to a frigid winter day, we tend to distort our posture and tense up our muscles to cope with the cold. This is usually done unconsciously for a couple of reasons. First, when your muscles contract, they burn energy which is released as heat. Tensing up, then, is a natural bodily response to cold. Shivering occurs when muscles rapidly contract and relax to release energy (heat) fast.

You may also notice that, in the cold, you tend to drop your head and raise your shoulders, which causes your hips to tuck under and your lower back to flatten out. You’re trying to share your shoulders’ body heat with your neck and ears. This is a natural reaction, but a reaction that distorts posture throughout your back and pelvis.

Sore necks, shoulders and lower backs in the winter indicate muscular tension. If you have widespread muscle soreness when it’s cold out, this is likely a sign that your apparel is not suited to your climate. It is important to have a winter hat that covers … Continue Reading ...