Developing Christ Consciousness – How to Tap Into Higher Consciousness in Your Daily Life

Are you inspired by the great qualities such as love, compassion, peace and forgiveness that were embodied by Jesus and other great spiritual masters? Would you like to bring more of these into your own life, and be part of the general evolution of human consciousness that is taking place right now?

Many people are doing this, and you can too. Let’s take a look at Christ Consciousness and how each of us can develop it within ourselves.

What Is Christ Consciousness?

First of all, Christ Consciousness isn’t only for Christians, although Jesus was an excellent example of a person who fully embodied it (as was Buddha and other great spiritual leaders).

The term is used to refer to those qualities associated with what many see as the divine mind – that higher state of consciousness that includes attributes such as peace, truth, kindness, love and a general feeling of benevolence towards others.

Many people believe that as a species, humanity is evolving towards a higher state of consciousness where these qualities will become the norm.

The Challenges Of Developing Christ Consciousness

You can practice developing this higher state in your daily life, by being aware of your reactions and thoughts, and seeking to replace them if necessary.

For example, you can deliberately choose not to judge another who behaves in a way you dislike. You can also forgive yourself and others for perceived faults, and try to keep a general sense of positivity and love towards life and other … Continue Reading ...

Top 10 Best Educational Apps For Android

The process of learning and education is evolving with the continuous change of mobile technology and the internet. Now people are learning the knowledge and information from the mobile educational apps. But there are lots of quality and effective learning apps available in the Android play store to cover the different segment of the knowledge base. So how do you choose the best, effective, and quality one?

Best Educational Apps For Android

Today I will be sharing a Top list of 10 Best Educational Apps for Android device. That will definitely help you to learn and earn the most valuable things in the word, Knowledge.

#10 – TED Talks

TED Talks let you enjoy more than 2000 Talks and discussion on science and tech from the remarkable people. You can sort out and enjoy all the TED Talks by topic and mood. You can also browse the TED Talks video library with subtitle and different language. This learning Apps also let you download the videos for offline use.

#9 – Duolingo: Learn Languages Free

This is one of the best language learning apps for Android. You can learn English, Spanish, French, German, Esperanto, Polish and much more using Duolingo. Which improves speaking, reading, listening and writing skills through interactive games. It also increases vocabulary and grammar skill by answering questions and completing lessons.

#8 – Memrise Learn Languages Free

Memrise Learn Languages is one of the top-rated Language learning apps in the Android play store. This educational app lets you … Continue Reading ...

Get Inspired By Making Yourself Do Something Today

When my daughter was a junior in high school I literally made her start her very own business. She thanks me for it today. This is why the title to this article is “Get Inspired by Making Yourself Do Something Today”.

Often times people get comfortable with being comfortable knowing in the back of their minds they need to go after what they have always desired and wanted to do. However distractions, hindrances, family, career, sickness and a host of other things get in the way which leaves you not feeling fulfilled in life.

Everywhere you go people are dis-satisfied with their lives and rightfully so because they have taken their focus off of what is important which is themselves. Somewhere along the line you have been taught that it is selfish to focus on yourself and to make yourself happy first.

Have you ever heard the term “if mama aint happy nobody is happy”? Well it is true in a sense. When you are happy and feel fulfilled people around you are happy and fulfilled.

What have you always dreamed of doing? Start now. Where would you like to go on vacation? Start planning your vacation now. If you are doing the same things over and over expecting different results..Change Now.

The question you are asking is how can I make myself do something today for myself? Great question. Start small. If you are not satisfied in your job you do not have to quit but you can start … Continue Reading ...

Strategic Ways To Manage Daily Criticisms Without Getting Stressed Out

Refuse to take each criticism or disagreement with others as personal attack on your integrity, productivity or reliability. Remember that criticism merely reflects another person’s personality, perspective and world view. Be prepared for resistance. Don’t expect that when you make a decision that everyone will jump on board. Even after you have decided on how to move forward with your life in terms of health, relationships and finance, you will still have people close to you letting you know that they don’t agree with you.

How can you deal with this challenge? You have to be strategic. How you respond to those who disagree with you depends on how much clarity have in terms of the problem or situation at hand. If you do things different from what others expect, they won’t be happy with you. You have to keep this in mind the opinions and thoughts of others can have a lot of impact on your self-esteem, confidence and the quality of your relationships. Criticism can lead to conflict if poorly managed.

With time, experience and research, you will realize that the problem is not so much being criticized but how to manage criticism. We have to begin this process by admitting that our feelings change when others correct us, disagree with us or point out what they consider to be our faults or short comings. This is another way of saying that our emotions or feelings get disrupted when others criticize us.

How we perceive interventions or criticisms … Continue Reading ...

Top 10 Meeting Ice Breakers

Getting people comfortable in a group setting before a team meeting can be the best investment of ten to 15 minutes of time that you can make. Ice breakers get creative juices flowing, can increase the exchange of ideas, establish team identity, and create a sense of community. All of these items are important in forging top productive teams. But how do you get people to participate and not feel uncomfortable with an ice breaker?

For meetings in a business setting in which participants are professionals, ice breakers that require actions not normally associated with day-to-day behaviors in the office generally make people uncomfortable. Successful ice breakers for these type of groups generally consist of having attendees share memorable information with each other, create innovative ways to get people to introduce themselves to each other, or have group members collectively work on a problem where everyone has to contribute.

We’ve selected our top ten team meeting ice breakers that are sure to get your meeting participants relaxed and ready to focus on your agenda as well as to connect with others in the group.

1. Brainstorm!:Break the meeting into teams of four or five. Give each team a topic. Pick topics that are fun and simple like, “What would you take on a trip to the desert?” or “List things that are purple”. Give your teams two minutes, no more, and tell them “This is a contest and the team with the most items on their list wins.” Encourage … Continue Reading ...

Simple Routine for Aging Skin – Easy Daily Anti-Aging Skin Care

You’d love to take better care of your skin, which is starting to show signs of age (perhaps much too soon) but you’re not quite sure how to do it? Let me help you! Read on for a simple, daily routine for aging skin that can give you great results, especially if you use exceptionally good products.

If you want to improve your skin, you must make its care a daily routine. Dabbing on a bit of cream once a week just won’t help; your skin needs to be nourished daily. At best, you’ll have a morning and an evening routine, which you will follow every single day.

Morning Routine

In the morning you should cleanse your face first. You may choose to use an anti-aging facial cleanser, a simple face soap or perhaps just water, depending on your skin condition. As there is hardly any dirt on your skin after you wake up (it goes without saying that you will have removed all makeup in the evening and never sleep in your makeup!) it’s up to you how you want to cleanse your skin. If you choose to use a cleansing product, choose a gentle, natural one.

If you already have visible wrinkles around your eyes or are noticing the first fine lines there, my suggestion is that you use an eye serum with powerful anti-wrinkle properties. Our eyes are usually the place which gives our age away, as they are visible to everyone who sees us. Therefore it’s … Continue Reading ...