Snapshot: The Wacky History Behind 3D Television Technology

How did our path to 3D TV get started? Was it because of some fluke? Or was this the plan all along?

Below I’ll outline the history of 3D TV technology in this article.

Prior to 1900

The road to 3D TV technology all got started way back in 1844 when David Brewster invented the stereoscope, which allowed photographed objects to be seen in 3D.

Fast forward 11 years and the Kinematascope was born in 1855 allowing a camera to capture 3D images in motion.

Right before the turn of the century, renowned British film maker William Friese-Greene took things a step further by securing a patent for the process of 3D movie production. His patent made it possible for a person to see a 3D image from two films positioned perpendicularly to each other.

1900 to 1935

Around 1915, film makers produced the world’s first 3D movie, which could be viewed via 3D glasses with two colored lenses.

This in turn became a prelude to Robert Elder and Harry Fairall’s mainstream film masterpiece ‘The Power of Love’, which is known as the first 3D film ever produced.

This was followed by the first color movie utilizing 3D technology in 1935.

1935 to 1960

Due to World War II there wasn’t much in terms of the advancement of 3D technology until John Baird showcased the first ever 3D TV to the world in 1958. His research which eventually led to his creation of the 3D TV was heavily influenced by … Continue Reading ...

Does Weather Have an Impact on Fantasy Football?

It’s getting to be that time of the year where weather can have an impact on real life NFL games. As a fantasy football manager it is a concept that you simply cannot overlook. Yes I am going on the record and saying it. Checking the weather reports as a factor going into the process of setting your fantasy football lineup is required! This article will explore the impact of weather on fantasy football output.

It is necessary to realize that there are different categories of weather, all which need their own discussion. This article will focus on rain, snow, extreme cold, and wind. In the context of this article rain is defined as creating conditions where the field and ball are impacted, so a light drizzle would not count. Likewise for snow there has to be a significant accumulation on the ground that will impact the players footing. Extreme cold is defined as temperatures close to zero. Lastly, we will consider windy conditions defined as more than a light breeze, we are talking about those cold Sundays with wind gusts that have an impact on the quarterback’s ability to throw the ball.

Our first instinct would be to consider any bad weather condition to be a negative with regards to fantasy football output, however that is simply not the case. Rain and snow actually seem to have a negative effect on the defense more than the offense. Looking back at the 2008 season week 16 saw bad weather games … Continue Reading ...

The Four Major Advantages of Hiring a Top Credit Repair Company

Are you wondering about the best possible way to improve your credit score? Then it will certainly be wise for you to hire a credit repair company because the professionals of this company are highly experienced in improving the credit scores of their clients in the best possible way. Below, we discuss some of the major advantages that you will be able to experience when hiring a professional company to get credit repair services.

  1. They are highly experienced

This is certainly one of the main reasons due to which most people, in the United States and abroad, consider hiring the a company in order to improve their credit score. The professionals are well aware of the latest tricks, shortcuts and super-effective disputes to get the ultimate job done in an efficient way. The top companies have been fixing client’s credit scores for quite a long time and thereby are experts in facing various challenges in the best possible way.

  1. Will be able to save lots of your valuable time

This is also one of the major reasons due to which the services of a credit repair company are in great demand among the people who have a poor credit rating. The process to improve the score is certainly lengthy and thereby you will not be able to devote your valuable time in handling it. The professionals of a credit repair company are up to date on all policies, procedures and technology to ensure their clients success in achieving the ultimate … Continue Reading ...

Top 5 MLM Companies – MLM’s Industry Leaders

In this article we take a quick look at the network marketing industry heavyweight contenders. We review the features, advantages and disadvantages of the top 5 MLM companies based on their popularity. The measure used to determine the most popular is simply Internet search traffic volume. Although popularity may not necessarily be the best reason for any person to join, we thought it would be useful to know a little about these companies that are attracting the most attention in the online world.

The actual popularity of various network marketing companies is calculated by Mark D Worthan’s which uses Google search data. His rankings are based on Google Trends, which is a service from Google Labs that allows you to compare the number of searches for various keywords across time. The service can be used to determine the relative number of searches for various MLM companies. Here are the results from current data, along with a short overview of each company:

1. Amway – Amway began when its founders became distributors of Nutrilite vitamins in 1959. Amway is famous for “legitimizing” the network marketing industry in 1979, based on FTC’s ruling that the company did not qualify as a pyramid scheme. This was based on the finding that the Amway compensation system was based on product sales vs. recruiting payments. Amway reported sales of $8.4 billion in 2009. Amway North America was closed in the early 2000’s and most North American distributors became memebers of sister company Quixtar, but … Continue Reading ...

Daily Requirements for Coping With the Death of a Loved One

“Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation”
Lao Tzu

Whenever I speak in public about grief I often begin with an old Chinese proverb, one of my favorites: “You cannot prevent the birds of sorrow from flying over your heads, but you can prevent them from building nests in your hair.” There is much wisdom in these words. Grief engulfs us all and yet we can learn to adapt to the massive changes it brings.

Adapting to the physical absence of our loved one depends primarily on what we choose to say to ourselves and ultimately what we consistently do. There are numerous responses that have proved useful in adapting to a great loss depending on many individual factors. Here are five that have proved their worth in many ways over the years.

1. Self-expression. Regardless of what some well-meaning people have written, letting out what lies within on a regular basis is healthy, both physically and emotionally. This means finding those you trust and sharing what’s happening on the inside on any given day. Refuse to be a prisoner of your thoughts and the distress that often goes with them. Self-expression also includes talking with your Higher Power as so many do or even with the loved one in spirit. Bottom line: Release the normal buildup of emotions which affect every cell in your body. Write, draw, or paint to further allow what is within to be released.

2. Balance sadness with … Continue Reading ...

Top 10 Online Games

Among the approaches to kills your chance figures recreations. Presently, a few diversions are accessible at the snap of a mouse.

In any case, personality you, as a rule you wind up getting dependent on internet diversions. One preferred standpoint is that you can play internet recreations regardless of where you are. Additionally, you needn’t bother with any organization to play. Be it while voyaging or when you are getting exhausted at home, these diversions prove to be useful.

Here are a portion of the best web based recreations you can play in your available time and furthermore these diversions come free of cost.

1. Dota 2:

The multi-player amusement is a spin-off of Defense of the Ancients (DotA) which was produced by Valve Corporation. The computer game is set in a front line where two groups each involving five individuals need to wage a war against each other and each individual from the group has control over a group pioneer called as the saint of the group. The amusement was discharged in 2013 for Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux-based PCs.

2. Warface

The amusement in view of military shooting will give you the sentiment of a genuine gunfight and the players can play from four unique classes like Sniper, Rifleman, Engineer et cetera. Every one of them has their own particular occupations in the war field and in the event that you need to win make utilization of the sliding element in the amusement. The diversion was at … Continue Reading ...