A Motivational Secret for Healthy Living -Take Daily Doses!

A Motivational Secret for Healthy Living -Take Daily Doses!

Positive Motivation does not work as well if it is only practiced PART TIME. Positive motivation is best when it is a daily activity. Just like taking a vitamin. Just think about the opposite of positive motivation-negative motivation. That will work also if done daily. A daily small dose of a poison will eventually kill you.


If you are being verbally abused, listening to criticism of yourself or others, or around toxic situations on a daily basis-you will be negatively motivated.
Eventually the words out of your mouth or actions you take will weaken you physically and emotionally. That is the POWER of negative motivation.

Consider the following situation:

Betty worked at a Day Care Center in her town. Everyday before she arrived to work she expressed frustration with someone in her family who seemed to make it their job to upset her life. She would also listen to disturbing news reports as she traveled to and from work on her car radio. There was traffic congestion each way and she spent time cursing each person in front of her car.

When she arrived at work, she often had a headache and responded sharply to staff members who did not sympathize with her personal frustrations. Her lack luster storytelling hour was painful for the children. Her communication at times was abusive and impatient with any child who appeared to forget her instructions.

One day she saw one of the children with their mom in the grocery store. The child said hello in a low voice and tugged on her moms arm and said, “Mommy, that’s my teacher, she’s sick”

The impact of DAILY negative motivation can hurt you as well as others.


IF you take in DAILY positive motivation in the form of healing words, good news, and exposure to healthy environments, you will begin to feel stronger physically and emotionally.

Consider the following situation:

Bob was a manager at a department store 50 miles from his beautiful serene wooded home. Each day he got up early to exercise and read a spiritual devotional message. After a brief daily prayer with his wife and children, he drove to work. On the way to work, he was able to sustain the long commute with inspirational music or motivational and inspirational talks on his car cd player.
Once he arrived at work, he was hit with non-stop issues from staff and customers. Yet, each year he was given awards for superior customer service. Everyone loved working with him because he was not only fair ,but fun. He was not only feeling but focused on solving each problem. He was not only financially astute but faithful in encouraging his staff.
The bottom line was the department saw increases in their bottom line every year he worked for them. Bob practiced positive motivation on a DAILY basis.

o Regardless of where you live, look for opportunities to fine scenic surroundings.

o Build a library of motivating cd’s and books.

o Practice listening to and reading positive stuff every day!

o Share words of encouragement to at least one person daily.

o Post positive posters in your workspace and home.


All Rights Reserved, Rosie Horner, 2007

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