Embrace Your Future Today

Embrace Your Future Today

Waking to a lazy day is not a problem; the problem begins when do nothing about it. Although the day will come and go one needs to remember that there is still a future ahead of them.

When we start a day we need to set objectives for the day and strive to meet every goal. By the time we lay our head down to sleep our checklist should confirm that everything has been achieved. Failure to do so is the best recipe for disaster in the future; near or distant.

Each day needs to be lived at its maximum like it is one’s deadline. When working towards a deadline, we all strive to perfect everything in order to end up with an interesting outcome.

One wise saying goes like, “Work like a slave today to live like a king today.” In simple words, every future is prepared in the present moment. No matter what you have or don’t have, your effort is what counts towards your brighter future. Hence we need to embrace our future today to enrich it with the best of possibilities.

Self realization is the master key to embracing your future. You cannot determine who you want to be in the future when you do not know who you are. Life is a curve and every instantaneous point is important to complete the graph, especially the beginning. If the beginning is messed up the rest will be difficult to accurately trace. However, if one starts off at the right place and time (which is the present) the rest will be a walk in the park.

After knowing yourself one can be rest assured of being able to choose either path to follow in life. As much as life is a freewill, we still need self-control to choose the right path. Self-control is a feeling that will tell you this is in line with who you are or not. It will lead you to make reasonable decisions rather than grabbing anything that life throws in your face. It doesn’t work that way, we need to determine our future through our actions.

But how will one embrace the future before living it? This is a possible question in the mind of man. Embracing might refer to present things but for the future it is still applicable. If we cannot embrace it today, tomorrow we will see it pass before and not be able to contain it. It will come with hardships that we cannot contain even a fraction of it.

Therefore, everyone needs to work in the present for the best of the future. Procrastination is the killer of time, as it is well-known. The moment we delay our efforts today, we will be preparing for a possible failed future.

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