Five Ways To Store Table Top Displays

Five Ways To Store Table Top Displays

When it comes to purchasing and investing valuable money into table top displays or banner stands, storing them properly and safely is key to protecting your investment. There are several mistakes that individuals and companies can make with respect to poor storage of table top displays. Here are five ways to store table top displays according to experts and those who do so on a regular basis.

Store Table Top Displays Professionally

Most exhibit owners will choose to store their portable, pop up or large display by means of a professional. This can eliminate the need for security costs altogether. A set fee for storage is put in place and, often, the professionals will tear down and safely secure the booth for your company. Weigh the options of storing personally verses professionally, and know that although it may cost a little more in the long run, having professionals take care of your valuable investment is not just an idea that should be tossed aside.

Make Sure Banner Stands Are Protected By Security

Once banner stands are secured within a storage area, it is important to hire personnel or install proper security devices to protect your investment. Banner stands can costs a good amount of money to design, and protecting them is half of the storage battle. A low-cost alarm system can often steer most thieves away, while other businesses may have a security guard on property for the storage area as well as other building structures.

Properly Insure All Trade Show Booths

It is the responsibility of the company that owns the booth to insure it to its full value. This is the case whether the unit is being kept in an on-site space, or if a company chooses to have professionals take on the responsibility of storing it. This expense can often be added on to any commercial personal property insurance policy, with respect to off-property stands and booths.

Make Sure The Temperature For Banner Stands Is Monitored

Monitoring the temperature within a storage unit can truly be a make or break instance of a display holding its worth over time. Trade show exhibits are made from often recyclable, natural or vulnerable materials. Take care in observing what the temperature will be in winter and extreme summers to be sure that walls won’t bend and plastic won’t melt.

Never Assume Table Top Displays Will Be In Condition To Immediately Show

It is important for any company to review their trade show displays prior to attending a show. There are several occurrences that may or may not have affected the stand itself. One may not realize, but water or flood issues, an overheated space or vermin can truly destroy a design. Take out all pieces prior to readying them for transportation. Inspect lighting, flooring, walls and design to be sure that there has not been any sort of issue resulting in a loss or damage.

Any way you slice it, the storing of table top displays or banner stands is often just as important as the design and transportation methods. Protect an investment well by taking these tips from the professionals and putting them to good use.

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