Funding Military Weather Control – Paramount

Funding Military Weather Control – Paramount

Many civilians who are under read in the reality of human wars or have never heard of Karl von Clausewitz and on Sun Tzu in name, are horrified of the idea of mankind using the weather as a weapon or even as a force multiplier. Indeed, I have a different opinion on the matter, as I realize from human history that the nation who fails to protect itself, does so at the expense of its people.

Thus, we ought to be considering how to create a Hurricane or Typhoon as well as how to kill one that is headed our way, created at the hands of our enemy.The way I see it is that the Russians have developed the Father of All Bombs, which counteracts our MOAB or Mother of All Bombs. The FOAB is being sold to the Iranians, if they want it. If we have a Hurricane Weapon and a Hurricane did enter the sea of Oman and did hit the shores of Iran, and if Typhoons are common in Asia, then it might be a deterrent.

The Russians are way ahead of us on Weather Control, the Chinese say they can defeat a Hurricane, offered to do that for us and charge us. Claim they have weather control tech and will insure that the Beijing Olympics are sunny too, a lot of confidence there.

Additionally, we do know that Maslow Rules the day with R and D. Why? Because humans will spend lots of money on self-preservation. Medical and Military and they will spend on Food, Shelter, Clothing and necessities like cars. Next comes entertainment – Movies, special effects, iPods, etc. Businesses will spend money to make money, if the return looks inviting or worthy of risk. So this is where you will see R and D.

Now you would think that a Hurricane Killer would be worth money or time to research, but there is also money in not doing anything too. FEMA contracts, etc.

The Weather Control Weapons, have been tossed around for years. Even major movies with that genre. Yet, China and Russia continue to work on stuff. Using a storm as a cover for Karl von Clausewitz first strike is a known tactic. Eisenhower used the weather as a cover, rather than waiting to attack during the nice weather, good thing too.

We need to control the weather and if necessary use it as a weapon, but we do not have the luxury of waiting for the Air Force Research Lab to lolly-gag, as per its mandate; “Controlling the Weather by 2025” and instead we must make it so this year and by latest the next. Consider this, as it is no time to turn our backs on the storm surge waves of the future.

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