Hip Hop Today

Hip Hop Today

Hip Hop is a religion; it’s a culture that millions of people around the world share the great sounds and bob their heads to the EmCee skills. From the early 80’s there was a mission from around the world to create a culture combining music, dance artistry and creativity where people would bob their heads and share a voice of self expression delivering a message with positive elements to surrounding groups. From here the sound was born and it has become huge around the world with many types of people gravitating toward the culture.

It has not always been clear skies though with a big diversity between commercial and Underground sounds. The messages we here today from the commercial side is completely diverse from the message the grandfathers of Hip Hop began in the 80’s. Today’s beat artists all sound the same and talk about the same things. Money, Cars and things like that. Sure they have the EmCee skills to deliver good lyrics and beats but there is something missing. There is no message, the positive message to the followers and fans that the underground Hip Hop culture was formed upon.

The grandfathers teach that too earn respect you must show your skills on the mic. You must be able to bring the house down with your sheer brilliance in using lyrics showing why you are doper than the next man after or before you. Having a DJ with an ability to support your performance with dope beats that rock. This is the culture today in the Underground where all these skills and beats are performed and heard.

Aspiring young artists today are returning to the culture that was formed by the 80’s grandfathers. They are doing this through forums and the Internet. With the wide information available the Internet has helped the re-emergence of true underground Hip Hop. We are hearing good dope beats and the message is returning with artists showing their stuff via you tube. No more is it dictated to or directed by commercial companies selling their version of the sound. Today the sound and skill is different and getting back to the roots of the 80’s.

Ffrom the underground is growing back through the emergence of smaller independent record labels Fondle EM, Stones Throw, Good-vibe, ABB Records, Rawkus and others are now able to compete with the big boys. Those who have money are keen to see Hip Hop culture survives in its true form.

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