Moving the Television Outdoors

Moving the Television Outdoors

With the popularity of the patio increasing, many families are moving their activities outside. All over the country, many people already cook, eat family dinners and entertain outside. Don’t want to miss the big game? Why not watch television on the patio, as well.

Previously, families accomplished this with an expensive patio design to cover the TV from the elements and the glare of the sun. But with modern advances in televisions, families can now install a TV anywhere outside and not worry about the elements or the quality of the picture.

Televisions first need to be installed in all-weather, watertight enclosures that protect internal components from rain, dirt and insects. Next the cable hook-up needs to be water-tight to keep the signal and the internal components from getting wet. Lastly, and maybe most importantly, the picture has to be viewable. The contrast must be enhanced and an anti-reflective screen is needed to keep the glare from destroying the picture. Because this TV is outside it is a good idea to make sure that the screen is scratch-resistant.

To keep your television as maintenance free as possible, don’t forget to get a cover that will protect television from the elements. Nobody wants to clean bugs and dust off the screen every time you want to watch. The covers are made out of weather proof vinyl and work just like your BBQ pit cover.

Once you have found a television that meets all these requirements, you just need to find a place to hang it. Make sure you use a mounting bracket that will withstand the elements as well as the weight of your television. Nobody wants to go out to their patio to discover the brackets have rusted through and the 100lb TV has crashed to the ground!

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