Outdoor Entertaining – Warm Up Your Outdoor Entertaining in Cool Weather

Outdoor Entertaining – Warm Up Your Outdoor Entertaining in Cool Weather

Winter time doesn’t mean giving up outdoor entertaining altogether. Home improvements can keep you and your guests warm and make outdoor living spaces more comfortable as the temperature dips. Following are ways to warm up your outdoor entertaining in cool weather:

Enclosed patio or sun room.

An enclosed patio or sun room will allow you and your guests to enjoy your landscaping while being safely shielded from inclement weather. An enclosed gazebo is an excellent lower-cost alternative. The best orientation for any of these additions is a southern exposure to allow you to soak up the winter sun.

Outdoor heater.

An outdoor heater can make your open patio or deck comfortable almost year round. Find a portable or permanent model that uses natural gas or propane. Follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions when installing and using your outdoor heater.

Outdoor fire pit.

An outdoor fire pit can add warmth and ambiance for cool weather outdoor entertaining. Wood or gas models come in a variety of sizes and styles, from classic chimney pots to open fire pits. Include a spark arrestor, if you are using a wood-burning model.

Heated hot tub.

Heated hot tubs provide a warm and inviting gathering place in frigid weather. A self-contained model makes it easy to enjoy the hot tub experience in your own back yard. These models offer easy installation and maintenance features like advanced filtration and ozone water purification. Hot tubs with a wireless digital readout let you check the water temperature before you leave your house. Minimize the time you spend outside in a bathing suit on a cold day by placing your hot tub near the back door. Other hot tub features that make for fun entertainment include docking stations for iPods and other portable media devices, multi-color rotating LED lighting and floating remote controls.

Adding these features is a home improvement project that lets families enjoy their outdoor living space regardless of the season. It is a lifestyle enhancement that can contribute to improved health and well-being.

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