Reality VS Actuality

Reality VS Actuality

TruTv is really gaining strength in their niche of reality television. Their tagline actually calls their programming ‘Not Reality. Actuality.’ Reality television is more defined by shows like ‘Survivor’, ‘Big Brother’ and ‘The Bachelor’. Actuality television has shows like ‘Operation Repo’ and ‘Hardcore Pawn’. Here are the differences between Reality and Actuality television:

Actuality does not have but Reality does have:

* Contest shows with any type of prize
* Definite end date
* Eliminations
* Physical or mental contests or games

Reality does not have but Actuality does have:

* Series about real people in real situations
* True crime and investigation shows
* Shows about unusual or interesting businesses
* Narrated shows with police, victim and criminal interviews

Both types of television are entertaining and appeal to people who are interested in this type of entertainment. Many channels now have some form of reality and/or actuality type programming because that is the current trend.

Even television shows that are fiction still have the feel that they could be real to become popular. The viewing public has changed their interests dramatically from the television of the past. The rehashed and cookie cutter sitcoms have, for the most part, gone away in a time where people don’t have time to immerse themselves in shows that don’t have a point. Even news channels have programs that are designed to entertain and keep people interested in what is going on in the world.

This type of entertainment has captured the attention of the masses. It’s hard to say if it will last but the popularity continues to grow as new shows continue to be created. Sadly, some of the shows do tend to make people wonder about the fate of humanity because of the actions of the people involved. In some cases it is like involuntarily slowing down to see a car wreck. Truth really is stranger than fiction and that seems to be part of the appeal of this type of entertainment.

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