Save Your Marriage Today – 2 Key Problems and Solutions

Save Your Marriage Today – 2 Key Problems and Solutions

The goal of this article is to help you save your marriage today by looking at some of the common marriage problems couples face such as; communication breakdown and finances. Let’s get started in helping you get on the right path to save your marriage today.

Communication Breakdown

Marriage at it’s very best has both spouses openly and honestly expressing their thoughts, concerns, desires and dreams to each other and being able to give constructive healthy feedback in a timely manner. That’s not the norm unfortunately. However, the foundation of a marriage that lasts usually has at it’s core good communication, and will help you save your marriage today.

If you can’t communicate very well you are left just tolerating each other which can cause a build-up of anger and frustration and one day become very destructive to your marriage.

If you are struggling with communication figure out why. It’s time to examine what has changed over the years that prevents you from being open and honest. The best place to start is right now by looking forward and not backwards.

Have a non-confrontational conversation over a quite dinner where you get to the root of the matter. Gently explore how you used to be able to talk about stuff but don’t feel comfortable doing so now. You probably will discover that there is no real reason for you not to be communicating.

Commit to making communication a priority again in your marriage today going forward. It would be a good idea to revisit the issue a month later to see how you are doing.

What you may discover, is that other issues created a wall between you, which is the real reason why communicating was such a challenge.


These economic times we live in today are putting great pressures on marriages and your ability to respond and handle the pressure will save you from caving in. Not having enough money for rent or mortgage or paying the credit card bills and car payments creates all kinds of frightening feelings and often times couples begin to take their frustration out on each other.

OK, you need to talk about your finances and agree on the following;

  1. You are where you are and there is no need to let the past dictate your future.
  2. You will work together to ensure that you don’t add to the crisis by making foolish or unnecessary purchases.
  3. You will be open and honest about income and spending.

Trust, commitment and working together are the keys to being able to deal with your finances and save your marriage and not let the economic pressures of today drive a wedge between you.

I hope and pray that you really want to save your marriage today and I know if you are committed nothing can come between you.

If you can improve your communication and openness regarding finances, so much stress will be removed from your marriage starting today. You will feel as though a heavy burden has been lifted off your shoulders.

The next few minutes can change the rest of your married life.

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