Not Taliban, ISIS Or Al-Qaeda, But China Is Haunted By Another Small ‘Islamic Outfit’ In Afghanistan

As the US has withdrawn almost 90% of its troops from Afghanistan, the return of various terror groups like ISIS, Al-Qaeda and Taliban has created concerns in various neighboring nations including China. 

US’ ‘Omnipotent’ F-35 Stealth Jets Getting ‘Unaffordable’; Defense Department Says Need To Cut Costs

On July 6, the Pentagon announced that US withdrawal is more than 90% complete, two months before the September 11 deadline. The country recently vacated Bagram Airbase near the capital city of Kabul, which was a primary military base for launching what was called America’s war on terror.

This development comes amid the Taliban’s persistent efforts to capture a key city in western Afghanistan. Reports suggest militants now control almost a third of the country with making new gains every day.

On July 5, the Taliban seized control of key districts in the southern province of Kandahar, including Panjwai district, home to Taliban leader Hibatullah Akhundzadaas as more than 1,000 Afghan soldiers fled to neighboring Tajikistan.

China Deeply Worried, But Why?

The international community is concerned about the Taliban making a rapid advance before western troops leave Afghanistan, which will then become a breeding ground for other terrorist groups and organizations like Daesh (commonly known

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