Television – An Idiot Box Or a Harmful Box?

Television – An Idiot Box Or a Harmful Box?

Television is the greatest wonder that science has given to us. It is only because of this device that we can watch interesting programmes like songs, movies, plays, serials, dramas and series sitting at home on our couch. It is not only used for entertainment purposes but also for education.

Presently there are many programmes on the television where we could get to know about many different things or aspects that are related to us through documentaries. They are very informative and through these documentaries you can learn about nature, wildlife, histories of our civilization and many other things. Through television we can get a direct knowledge of any thing and it helps us learn things as we can watch the unknown with our own eyes.

Television watching is the greatest recreation of all and we can watch a lot without getting bored. It also gives us the opportunity to watch things “Exclusively Live” which is happening all over the world. It includes live action from the sporting world or any other happenings in the news channels. The world becomes very small and closely connected to us by the help of this device. It is a powerful medium of mass education and it also helps to raise public opinion. Like a pen, it is a mightier medium.

However, after so many wonders that are made possible by this very device, it is still known as Idiot a box by some people. There are both advantages and disadvantages attached to it.

Television watching is just like an addiction and it compels people to watch it and it is also accompanied by another vices including ignoring duties. One has to sit idly in front of the “idiot box”, that is, the television while watching it. Excessive television watching also disables the learning ability of students, particularly, if the person is very young. A person becomes more prone to audio visual learning techniques and it decreases the capability of the person to acquire knowledge by merely reading.

Young people are generally very fond of action movies and ghost stories and watching these things on television makes them more gullible and vulnerable. They start believing in those unreal objects more than they believe things that are happening in their real world. Action movies can badly affect the tender minds and they become more prone to violence and this leads to their inclination towards violence which may led to many troubles when they become grown up human beings. Also it would be very bad if these young people get exposed to adult material when they are still young.

Excessive television watching is also bad for the eyes and it may even lead to blindness in the future. Many students need spectacles from a very tender age, it is sometimes also a result of television viewing.

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