TV Wall Mount – Keep Your Television Safe

TV Wall Mount – Keep Your Television Safe

A TV wall mount typically comes in kit form. It is used to mount a flat screen TV to the wall and keep it secure.


There are basically three types of kits that can be used to mount a TV to a wall, each type has sub types geared toward holding different weights.

The first type and the least expensive is the stationary model. This model simply secures the TV to the wall without any type of movement. This mount will not allow the TV to move from side to side or up and down.

The second type is the swivel model. This model will allow the TV to swivel from side to side. The TV is mounted on the wall mount and the arm that the TV sits on can move using a swivel mechanism from side to side.

The third type of mount is a free motion model. The mount can move up and down and side to side. This is the most expensive model and the most difficult to install.


Installing a TV wall mount is a two man job not for the mount itself but to lift the TV onto the mount. It is best to have two people available to lift the TV onto the mount.

The installation is relatively simple, and will require a few hand tools although hand power tolls will make the job easier. A stud finder is recommended. Finding the studs in the wall where the TV will be mounted will make easier work of the job.

The kit will come complete with instructions for proper installation.

A professional can be hired if installation seems just to difficult. Professional installation can run around one hundred dollars or more.


Prices will vary, and will largely depend on the functions that are available with the stand and the type of metal that the TV wall mount is made from.

Expect to pay around fifty dollars or more. The wall mounts can be purchased from a variety of sources which will also affect prices. Finding the best prices can be accomplished by shopping comparatively. Most stores that sell flat screen TVs will also sell some type of TV wall mount. Some stores will throw them in with the purchase of a flat screen TV, which of course is the best way to get a TV wall mount kit because it is free.

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