How To Get a Quarterback Football Scholarship

How To Get a Quarterback Football Scholarship

As former NFL QB and both a high school football coach and a private quarterback training coach I get asked a lot about what is the best way to get my son recruited and ultimately get a $200,000 football scholarship.

In the past football recruiting was “reactive,” or waiting for college coaches to notice and contact you. Waiting around to receive letters and calls from coaches is not a viable method for your football scholarship success. The new and correct way to get recruited is that the player and or parent has to be proactive.

This is the difference between recruiting and marketing: reactive and proactive. I have friends who are college football coaches and they tell me sometimes they receive up to 2,000 DVDs or highlight videos from parents. The problem is you need to focus your efforts and try cut through the clutter.

Problem #1 is do not wait till your senior year to be contacting the colleges. The difference between each division is the level of play. Any quality football recruit can fit in somewhere, and in many situations at more than a few schools. What I am hearing from my football college coaching friends is the best way to get a coaches attention and get by the glut of DVDs is to send an email video directly to your football coach.

My technique is to find a football recruiting service that has the ability to produce a football highlight video that can be emailed directly. So make sure the recruiting service you choice has a university database of all of the football recruiting coordinators and position coaches email address, so you can send the highlight video directly to the football coach.

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