Street Hypnosis Training – How to Make Money Off of Street Hypnosis

Street Hypnosis Training – How to Make Money Off of Street Hypnosis

Street Hypnosis is quickly taking over the world of Hypnosis. Within the last few years this new expression of Hypnosis has moved in quicker than a storm and unlike real storms no one is avoiding this one. Beginner and advanced Hypnotists are starting to get involved in Street Hypnosis and if your wise I would recommend you get involved into the world of Impromptu Hypnosis as well.

For those of you not in the know Street Hypnosis is any type of hypnosis, which is performed outside of an office setting. This can include typically direct styles of hypnosis or indirect styles such as Conversational Hypnosis. Typically you can find tons of examples of Street Hypnosis taking place on media giants such as YouTube or many of the other media sites spread across the Internet. So why is Street Hypnosis so popular? Street Hypnosis allows you to take your hypnotic skills and knowledge to the general public instead of them coming to you in an office setting. You are basically put on the spot hypnotizing random people within just a couple of moments of meeting them.

There is a rush Involved as you have to be able to approach complete strangers, build rapport, eliminate their fears of hypnosis and successfully hypnotize them within just a few moments. It takes a certain amount of confidence and skills to be able to do this, but the great thing about Street Hypnosis is that if you aren’t that confidence or comfortable working with people it will cause you to learn quite quickly. Street Hypnosis is one of the fastest ways to gain real world experience, confidence and build your business, but we will get to that point in a moment.

Beside hypnotizing random people you are also educating people about hypnosis at the same time. Before you hypnotize anybody you should always give him or her what is called a pre-talk. A pre-talk is basically a conversation with the person your working with that should last anywhere from 3 to 15 minutes. Typically in a street hypnosis setting you have to learn to condense that pre-talk into just a couple of minutes as most of the people you work with don’t have all day for you to hypnotize them. You have to be able to walk up to people, introduce your self, build rapport, eliminate fear and hypnotize them fast as most people are on lunch breaks or are not trying to spend all day and wait while you hypnotize them. This is one reason you need to learn Instant and Rapid Inductions as well as it will be a critical piece to your Street Hypnosis Training.

Okay, now that I have given you a little background into the world of Street Hypnosis let me show you a quick way to generate tons of income. As I mentioned Impromptu Hypnosis also known, as Street Hypnosis is a great way to take what you do, your skills, your knowledge directly to your market, which is everyday people with everyday problems. So here is the little trick that will generate a nice sum of income for you.

After you work with a person and please make sure before you do what I’m about to describe to you that you are successful with hypnotizing your subject. Once again after you work with person and thank them for their time do not walk off and find someone else. I want you to pull out an amazing weapon called a business card. You do have business cards always on you, don’t you? I want you to than start to tell them the following:

Before I go I just wanted to say thanks for being such a great person to work with and while you may feel really relaxed and while you may have had fun. Hypnosis is also a very powerful tool for change and is quite effective in changing or altering habits and helping people with everyday problems like smoking cessation, study improvement, weight management and a number of other items. So if you ever need any help with anything or know anyone that could just use a little help feel free to give me a call.

This is when you hand them at least 4 business cards. Why 4 business cards? You want to hand them 4 because they may lose one or two and maybe they want to hand some out to people. So why is this technique so powerful when used with Street Hypnosis? Imagine for a moment how many people on a daily basis can say they got hypnotized today while they were out at the park or the fair or whatever the situation. It’s not an everyday thing to be walking along and a Hypnotist walks up to you and hypnotizes you with the person’s permission of course. Don’t you think this person is going to tell their co-workers or family about the experience? You bet they are and than the next question they are going to ask is who was the hypnotist? This is when they pull out the business cards.

I have personally used this technique to generate a extra 6 to 7 clients a month and I charge around $150.00 a session and my time invested was maybe 4 hours over a period of two days. Do the math and I think that is worth it and that is just extra clients on top of the ones I get through other ads I run. So Street Hypnosis is a powerful tool because it labels you as the local expert. You are the one hypnotizing people anywhere, anytime and as long as you are professional this will allow you to be seen as the expert, build your credibility and name within the community and bring in a lot more money. I got to run, but I hope you enjoy this Street Hypnosis Training technique and use it to make yourself lots of money or build your name or credibility.

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